From the makers of award winning show, ‘The Virgin Diaries,’ MTV delivers another truthful and hard hitting programme that follows the lives of nine young people on a personal journey of discovery through the troubled waters of adolescence, in The Bedroom Diaries.


Made by young people for young people, nine teens record their own video diaries over a period of six emotional weeks, addressing a range of issues that cause their hormones to rage and confusion to reign culminating in some instances in parental conflict.

Looking at issues of sexuality, promiscuity, relationships, religion and gender confusion, amongst many other typical teen problems, The Bedroom Diaries offers a fascinating insight into the complexity of teenage angst.

Each 30 minute episode is made up of self shot videos and fly-on-the-wall footage of the contributors as they go about their daily lives with their friends.



Originally aired MTV UK: 4th Feb 2008