MTV’s Geordie Shore 3 Chaos in Cancun

Season 3 of this MTV hit show follows the Geordies taking off to Mexico to hit perfect beaches, soak up Mayan sun and rack up tequila shots in the party city of Cancun.

What’s more, Cancun is rocking out to full Spring Break swing, so what will the Geordies make of it all, will this be paradise on Earth? Will the Caribbean Sea and their new boss Cancun Chris be the Salt in their Tequila, or the lemon in their eyes?


Filmed on location over a several week period in this world renowned tourist destination on the Yukatan Peninsula, Cancun Spring Break boasts clubs and bars and pristine beaches sprinkled with the ultimate party atmosphere that can only be vaguely resembled to what Ibiza and Ayia Napa are to Europe.


VandalEyes Media Executive produced Season 3 and oversaw all pre- production, on- location and post- production activities for broadcast delivery to MTV UK and International reversions

for both online and off-line media.


Season 3 once again enjoyed record breaking success for MTV UK, please see links below for further information.


Number of Episodes in this Series: 8 + 2 Specials

Original Channel: MTV UK

Original Run: 26th June 2012 to 28th August 2012

DVD Release Date: 4th March 2013


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